I have to do this. I mean, the depression just won't get away like this. 

well, it's not easy for me. im not so tough or so strong or whatsoever and can stand all this shit without feeling anything. 

i just try to get over it. damn. why it's so hard? 

it's always make me feel so damn depress when i thought i can do it and i already doing it but... i realize... no, it's not there yet. 

screwed this. come on, life goes on. who cares? 

nobody cares. not even a single person cares. 

it's always just me. me. me. 


just get over it. please, i have to. i really have to. 


Listen to Me

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  • sy
  • it's not only u okay?u r not alone...i'm ready to lend my ears whenever u want to talk...:)