It's really a weird feeling to suddenly realise... how much you learned and improved in one year time. 

From zero to something. It's really something.


when i just touched 3D. when chris told us. do smthg lidis for me. 

i wan the standard up to this par. 

and i ask him.. how should we do that? 

using sketchup? what is rendering?

and he just throw me a word: youtube or google it.

so we started to learn by ourselves. in short period of time.

when the works outcome... i feel great. 

like how can i do it in this short while?


dat day when i done pin up for curtin review.

mr faisal come near by...

he asked me. how you feel the difference between now and 351.

i told him... my photoshop skill become better. 

he said. no. not about the graphic. it's about the architecture.

you guys start to making architecture. something relate back on site, and actually blend in the site...

and how we try to make the structure very light and looks transparent... but overall of it still looking nice. 

then he told me. he saw my 351 works recently, downstair...

he shook his head. said that is not good. and now.. it's far better.


suddenly i stunt and think. yeah. it is. 

actually during our 351, we learned a lot. 

but that time we do not really have time to digest.

we just keep receiving all the info throwing to us.

yes, i did understand when doing the project...

when chris lead us to what he wan us to know...

i thought im understanding it.. but it is not totally there yet...

once i thought that my 351 project is great.

but now when i look back. it is really not very up to par.

the site responding is really not well enough. 

it kinda looks like alien anyway. 

the concept is great. until now i still like it. but...

the form and the site response it really not quite there yet.

and the rendering.. hahahaha. 

hell ya i really love my rendering back then... 

but when i look back and comparing it to the project i did now. 

it is really nothing.


well, im not really enjoying this semester project. kinda boring. 

but this semester i definitely learned smthg. just that i not realize it.

human is some wonderful being i think...

out of sudden, we like get smthg. BOOM! the mind is blown. burst and we just get to it lidat.

when the beginning of the semester i still bluring. not really know what is this and that...

but out of sudden, i just get it. i know what to do. and what is right. 

we definitely learned everythg from chris. he told us a lot. 

but we just listened and yeah. that's all. 

tried to understand and really understanding it until applying it...

i think it's really totally different thing. 

so, i guessed 352 really is a semester that we lost our way. 

this semester is where... i recalled back what chris told us during 351, and when ummi gary or faisal talking about it..

i was like.. yeah i knew this... then... then... i get it better. understand it deeper. 

i feel surprise when i can understand so much. it's more like smthg accumulate.

i dint purposely learned them but when times coming, i get them. 

i feel blessed. for everything i learned, everything i knew. 


and my photoshop skill?

i guessed i need to thanks to lawson anyway. 

he not really taught much. but inspired me in some way...

i never thought i can do so much in photoshop. 

just some click here and there. suddenly i knew everything... 

and surprisingly, faisal and lawson like my renderings.

lawson said i should keep my style and continue it. haha. 

well. that's another story. 

so, he taught us more and when we look back a website taught ppl about photoshop of architecture...

suddenly i feel smthg.

this is a website chris introduced us a year back.

but that time i just close it cause it seems so godly and i can never reach that standard.

but now. i feel like i can do it. i can make it. 

it's smthg surprising and really touching. 

like... ermm... how much you can improve in one year?


it is totally about how i can stand here and become who i am now.

when i look back and i found im not longer who i am back then.

i am better. just far better. 

i know what i am doing. clear enough. 

and... how i become even better than those i once admire, look up to. 

it is really smthg i feel proud... 

how last time lecturers showing works fr seniors and i am are so stunt with their work and... thinks that i can never do that. 

but now mine is being showed. and i becoming those ppl that made ppl feel impressed. 

and i can be better if i want to. i really can. 


it's magical. 

architecture is like a miracle for me. 

how i come into. how i becoming who i am now.

and how i becoming someone i never thought i will be. 

damn. it's just feel damn damn so good. 


this whole thing make me feel like...

we can be anything we want to be. 

nothing is impossible. ;)


it's really about the attitude. it's about the will. 

it's about... to be or not to be. to do or not to do. 

and i believe, i believe, we all can be even better. even and even better than who we are now. ;)


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