"To be or not to be, that's the question." 


Everything is about the attitude. I think this is very true.

Whenever i saw any of my friends, same background, same education level, success in life. 

Beside jealous, i wonder why they can but why can't I?

Afterall, i get a conclusion... They tried, with courage, and believe that they can do it even it's just with a slightest chance they might success. 

When i not even trying and started to think that there's so many competitors out there, i can't do it... it won't be me... and gave up without even trying... 

And they did it. prove it. success in it... 

This did gave me a big knock on my head. Oh well. WHY? 


In life, i saw a lot of cases.. and i started to understand why there's not much people really success in their life. 

We always give up or lose all the confident when we facing obstacles.

I admit im one of these peoples as well. 

i did changed my attitude a lot after since i scolded by one of my friend on the spot when i gave up without even trying...

and she prove me i can do it, not the best or really very well done, but the result i got is much more than i expected.


Why don't trust in youselves? 

Why you think that you can't do it when you are in the low side?

Why you give up without trying? WHY? 

Don't you find that, those who success in life will always success?

Do you ask yourselves why? Do you find out the reason why?


When you start the effort of trying from small matters, and you succeed. 

From there, you gained confident... and for sure you believe that you can do more.

That's what exactly what i experiencing from this few years after im in architecture.

when you found out that you actually can be better, you can push youselves higher, you can be more than what you think you can be...

when you amazed by what you did... what you achieved...

you starting to believe that you can do more than this. even more. and even more.

not only in this field, but any field, as long as you got the will, you can do anything. 


So, stop complaining about everything. and think... why others can but i can't?

And, seriously i feel bad for those people who have the chance to study in a good environment where others might willing to die for this opportunities...

but end up these peoples complaining about everything they need to do... 

come on, guys...! appreciate what you have!

What if you spend less time to complain and start doing it?

What if you stop thinking of what you can't do and start thinking what you can?

Won't you feel ashamed of what all excuses that you gave for what you can't accomplished?

admit it, you are just not trying hard enough. 

That's the line in between, you admit that you just not trying enough, or you just start blaming others for not giving you enough helps.

The life is yours. Why don't you ask yourselves, "Why others can do it but why can't I?"

Where goes wrong? Did complaining makes your life better? or helping you to complete your work? or success in your life? 

No. the answer is just N-O.  


I know none of us is genius or God.

we can't be success in just one try.

we can't be Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg... 

okay, in a more architecture way... 

we can't be Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Frank Lloyd Wright, IM Pei or Kevin Mark Low... 

We can't be other people forever and we can never be those successful people just because we doing our part... and suddenly "POP"... the world loves me. 

Practices make perfect. I always believe that effort and hardwork will fruits better than a genius that do nothing. 

Come on, atleast you try to work it out... there'll always be somebody that will appreciate what you done. 

and you should feel lucky because you are here. There's just so many who willing to see and understand what you thinking and what you want to do... 

"Atleast we see you trying to do it. Atleast you show some thought inside, we do appreciate it." 

When you got a good platform where people actually appreciate your hardwork, why don't you try even harder?

I guessed they're just too lucky and feel too comfy for having these advantages for all the time... until they don't know what other struggling outside. 

so, appreciate everything, no matter it's good or bad. 

even it's bad now, trust me, you'll thanks them for changing your life or teaching you certain things in life later. 


I really do appreciate everything i have, appreciate every single thing in my life. 

I really need to thanks to my parents for their support so that im here.

I really can feel the difference in the environment that provided and eventually made me a better person. 

I really appreciate every single talks with those lecturers or friends that inspired me.

They made me think more, see more... and eventually made me feel like im not good enough, i can be better, i got so much more to learn, to see, to do.  

I feel the life. The way of living. To keep walking, to keep go ahead, to keep learning... and everything around you is just different from everyday. 

It's incredible that i can be who i am today. 

and yes, i try, i struggle, i did a lot and spent a lot of effort in it.

and, yes, i actually not doing the best out of myself.

i being lazy sometime, not putting everything in that i know and im human. 

but im here. not the best yet. but living my life to the fullest. 

loving the way i live my life, loving my attitude of life. and appreciate i have everything that i need.

so, why don't you have the right attitude of living from now on? 

stop complaining and starting to do the right thing?

live your life well and not regret on anything you do?

im still on the way towards it... on the track to learn more from it. 

not quite there yet. but i know i will be there. ;) 


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