Oi! GT dar. 20th ardy.

LOL. i long time dint write post to wish people birthday ardy leh. be proud kay~ hahaha.

finally u 20 also. wakakakak.

aiyo. i really feel like long time dint meet u ardy. 

next week or smthg around dat we go sing k lar. 

i soooooooooooooooo long dint sing k ardy. haiz. damn depressing. 

okay lar. u holiday ardy hor? happy liao lor! 

enjoy ur holiday lar dun say sien ardy arrr... HAHAHA. 

all the best in everything and rock ur life!!!! 

ur 20th year of life will be so very very awesome! :DDDDD




love, dar. 

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  • GreenTuRtLe
  • wei thanks wor xDDDDD
    First day itself already awesome! :D
    Very passionate now xD