"Promise me you’ll never forget me, because if I thought you would, I’d never leave. –Pooh"


i have to admit everyone are diff

i know ppl might hate me sometime

im quite a... how to say? i talked too much.

and normally half of thg i talked is not what im really feel inside

then ppl might find me annoying

like what the hell u like to complain so much?

i dont really complain actually. LOL.

i just like to spit out everything inside of me and then i will feel alright.



sometimes even if i think ppl might hate me... i try to fix it.

coz i not really like to leave or give up anyone

i must admit i cant bear ppl think im such a bad person.

but, im only human

sometimes i might do smthg wrong and it’s something i cant control.

What i can do is just, to do my best, and try to fix everything i’ve done.


“The only way to fix a friendship is to try.---pooh”


This world is a funny place.

even love can creates hatred. 

So... what i think best to practice is...

to be a better person. to love, to forgive, to forget, to apologize, to thanks.

that's the plan. :)


Listen to Me

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