I never know there's a story behind her, just like there's a story behind me.

When she is being so harsh on others and defending herself over those guys and girls who hate her. Nobody knows her pain. 

She is always so strong, so defensive. I always think she is strong. 

I mean, from the physical appearance, nobody really will truly understand another person.

I think i can understand her feeling, somehow. I've been through all this. 

Listening to other guys who talk behind me and judge me by my appearance, my fashion taste and my personalities... 

Yeah. i know that. i always know that. When people pointing at you and laugh at you.

and everyone is telling you that anyone around you is better than you. 

you shrugged and said nah.. i dont care. whatever. but you feel it. you just feel it. 

you're just a human. depression hits. and it hurts.

it is even hurt when those who are so close to you, who you expect them to think you are better than any other, judge you too. 

so you look at mirror, and wondering why you are just who you are now. 

it's something... pathetic. you feel insecure, hate youself. and constantly asking youself why you are not better?

Im still feeling it now somehow, from time to time. 

But i'm feeling much better now.

A good friend of mine helps me in building my confidence and really makes me think that im good enough for being me. 

and i hope that all girls out there will have someone like this in their life. 

Because YOU are pretty. and you deserve to be yourself. :)

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